Job description

Our technology promises to revolutionise the development of video-games and crowd-simulation by applying state-of-the art machine learning techniques. Our system takes games and real-world data to train AI-bots that adapt to their environment, learn to mimic humans and compete or collaborate with other bots. You will develop and customise machine learning algorithms, come up with creative features, train them, and deploy them to games and simulations where they can interact with real users!

Skills and Experience

You have demonstrable experience in theoretical and practical machine learning problems, specifically applying reinforcement learning techniques. You can get algorithms to work, knowing that sometimes that more data, novel features, and careful code trumps raw algorithms.

Essential Skills

  • Academic and/ or industry experience in reinforcement learning
  • Ability to understand cutting-edge research papers
  • Writing and testing high quality code
  • Numerical programming (Python/ NumPy, Matlab, R)

Desirable experience or interest:

  • PhD in relevant area a big plus
  • Data processing frameworks (Hadoop, Spark)
  • Inverse reinforcement learning
  • Deep learning techniques and libraries (Theano, TensorFlow, Torch)
  • Bayesian techniques (Gaussian processes, PILCO)

What we offer

Competitive salary plus employee stock options, a relaxed start-up environment, opportunities for professional development, the ability to stamp your mark on an early-stage company.

About the location

Cambridge, United Kingdom.