Our future lies in teamwork

How human and artificial intelligence can work together

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Our future lies in teamwork

How human and artificial intelligence can work together

Next Monday, a team from PROWLER.io will travel from Cambridge to London to attend CogX, the most significant machine learning and Artificial Intelligence event of its kind in Europe.

Keynote speakers have been drawn from all over the globe for an event which gives us a brilliant opportunity to address those working in the AI community - and explain some of the exciting developments that we are enacting every day at PROWLER.io.

PROWLER.io started in Cambridge, itself the epicentre of AI in the UK. Our work has since expanded and moved on – at a breakneck pace. We started as a research company and went on to help create cutting-edge technology. In a number of different sectors, including logistics and finance we are now at the forefront of AI.

With the help of some of our clients and partners from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, at CogX we will explain how the algorithms and reinforcement learning systems we have developed are already having an impact on technology and business. Not in theory, not in the future – but right now and in the real world. We have turned our dynamic, decision-making AI into an effective, all-powerful tool for business.

Yet we have not abandoned our research base. With 38 scientific publications and nine patents filed – and more to follow - we remain ground-breaking and innovative. My colleague, Dr Sarah Jarvis, Head of Data Science at PROWLER.io will explain in a panel discussion at CogX how her team's academic work can translate into the real world - by bolstering AI models so that they have clearer transparency within the decision-making process - and how human intelligence can interact with that of AI.

The key message I want to get across at CogX is around human-machine teaming. With so many scare stories out there, it is the responsibility of those in the industry to show how AI’s true potential lies not in replacing humans but in augmenting what we already do well. We need to concentrate on the power of the human mind – and the extraordinary potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Together, the two make an extraordinary team. At PROWLER.io our task is to ensure that business is powered by people; empowered by AI. In its relatively short life, AI has had many incarnations; I remember the thrill of algorithms that could identify simple images; now we have entered a phase where we find AI is already proving to be phenomenally useful. It allows enterprises to make decisions based on data, reinforcement learning and a quite simple – but often unachievable - concept. Trust.

And trust can only come from teaming the human mind with that of the machine. Take for instance the recent Boeing 737 crashes: the planes’ automated software systems were probably the most sophisticated of their kind, but they failed at a key moment, costing hundreds of lives. In the end the systems had no real understanding of their own competence – and the pilots were unable to step in. In that instance, AI teamed properly with the human mind might have prompted a different outcome. AI has immense potential, but we need to ensure that it will not go wrong in unexpected and harmful ways.

My point is that all AI systems must embrace the concept of trust. That’s what we at PROWLER are doing, developing systems in a range of sectors – among them finance, logistics, and last mile delivery - that are effective, reliable and above all trustworthy.

So how do you build that trust? It’s simple. You ask yourself four straightforward questions.

How does your AI know it is right?

How does your AI know it is wrong?

When does your AI know it has got it wrong?

How do you know your AI is even asking the right questions in the first place?

When you have the answers to those questions, and not before, you can start building sensible, explainable AI which optimises all of the learning – human and machine – that we have at our disposal. I look forward to meeting you at CogX, where our exciting journey will continue.


PROWLER.io at CogX2019

Monday, June 10

11 am to 12 pm

Sarah Jarvis, Head of Data Science, PROWLER.io will be taking part in a panel discussion ‘The Future of Human-Machine Interaction’ on the Cutting Edge Stage

12:30 pm to 12:50 pm

Vishal Chatrath, CEO & Co-founder, PROWLER.io is on the Innovation, Investment & Economy Stage with Lauri Vaittinen, Senior Vice President, Investment Solutions, Mandatum Life discussing Human-Machine Teaming & Real World Applications


CogX runs from Monday 10 June to Wednesday 12 at June; for information, go to cogx.co

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