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Our events

What's going on?

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AI Decision-Making Summit 2018

9th May 2018 in Palo Alto

PROWLER.io is proud to present the speakers at the inaugural AI Decision-Making Summit: ‘Beyond Organising the Past’.

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Vishal At Collision

PROWLER.io at Collision's Growth Summit

2nd May 2018

Vishal joins a panel for the "fastest growing AI companies" to discuss where the technology is going next.

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Vishal At Zebra Project

Vishal @ Zebra Project


Video: our CEO speaks to business leaders at Taylor Vinters' Zebra Project about the need for transparency in Machine Learning.

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Mexico School

Nicolas Durrande at the MEXICO network in La Rochelle, France


Nicolas has been invited to deliver three lectures at the "Analyse de sensibilité, métamodélisation et optimatisation de modèles" Spring School from March 26th to 30th.

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MLSS Summer School

PROWLER.io sponsors Universidad Autónoma Machine Learning Summer School

27 August - Sept 7, 2018 in Madrid, Spain

We are excited to be a gold sponsor of the MLSS, which will be held in Madrid from Aug. 27th to Sep. 7th. Our own James Hensman will be speaking on how we use Machine Learning at PROWLER.io.

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Gdo 2018

Prof. David Leslie at GDO18 in Vienna

March 13th at 12PM

PROWLER.io consultant Prof. David Leslie will be speaking on "Best-response Dynamics in Zero-sum Stochastic Games" at the Games, Dynamics and Optimization conference in Vienna.

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Uni Of Manchester Logo

S.T. John seminar at University of Manchester

February 20, 2018

S.T. will present "Many-Body Coarse-Grained Interactions Using Gaussian Approximation Potentials" at the University of Manchester.

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Smart Cities 2018

Smart Cities 2018

February 1st 2018

Prowler sponsors London's Smart Cities 2018 conference.

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Ai World Congress 2018

AI World Congress

January 30, 2018

PROWLER.io is going to the O2 as a Gold Sponsor of the AI World Congress.

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Aaai Symposium

AAAI Symposium

PROWLER.io @ Stanford, March 26th-28th, 2018

PROWLER.io is gathering world-class experts for a data-efficient reinforcement learning symposium at Stanford.

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