Find out more about our team

Find out more about our team

Who are we and why should you care?

We’re a research-led start-up, backed by some of the tech industry’s biggest investors – who share our belief that AI should be smarter.

We believe by 2025 principled decision-making using autonomous AI agents will drive the world economy. With the first team to combine world-class expertise in Probabilistic Modelling, Reinforcement Learning and Multi-agent behaviour, we are well positioned to lead this shift.

Vincent Adam

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Vincent has recently obtained a PhD from UCL in theoretical neuroscience and machine learning. He previously studied engineering and cognitive science in France. His main endeavour has been reverse engineering the mind from observing behaviour.

His work has focused on perception and relied heavily on the framework of probabilistic modelling. Outside of work, Vincent's recipe for happiness involves always having a good book around, exercising a lot and trying out new things.

Latest challenge: learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sherif Akoush

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Sherif is a software engineer / researcher interested in systems dealing with data at scale. He has been in Cambridge since 2007 doing his PhD and Post-Doc (Cambridge Computer Lab), and more recently data pipeline engineering at ARM (for 2 years).

Prior to this he spent a few years building location based services for a company in Cairo - Egypt while doing ML research in his master's thesis.

Otherwise he enjoys time with his young family, he also tries to keep playing casual football "until his dodgy knee gives up".

Jack Anderson

Head of Quality Assurance

Open bio

Jack has more than 16 years experience focused on testing & quality in all stages of SW development. With Scottish parents and a childhood living on RAF bases, the best he can say is he is from ‘Britain’. He is responsible for helping provide confidence in the quality of the software we develop.

To unwind from a day's work he spends his time trying to keep up with his two children, or out driving a big red truck as a firefighter for the Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service.

Alex Anderson

Senior Technical Product Manager

Open bio

Alex is a software engineer with 17 years experience across medical imaging, defence, VFX, finance and mobile telecoms. Originally from Australia, he moved to the UK in 2006 and decided to stay. He recently joined the Platforms teams at

He enjoys being creative and paints when the inspiration strikes. He also has a passion for real ale and proper pubs, and can often be found enjoying the former from a cozy seat in the latter.

Adam Antonik

Head of AI Financial Modelling

Open bio

Adam has worked in hedge-funds in the UK and Shanghai. Having completed a PhD in Computer Science at Imperial College London, he did post-doctoral work in Paris before turning to the dark side of quantitative finance.

He takes cutting-edge machine learning research and turns it to trading strategies, understanding of the effects of interactions in financial networks, as well as portfolio optimisation.

He also enjoys wine and a good argument, preferably at the same time.

Artem Artemev

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Artem is originally from Russia and has moved to Cambridge recently in pursuit of scientific and engineering equilibrium. He worked on artificial intelligence, computer vision tasks and distributed systems for last 8 years.
At, he works on probabilistic models as a machine learning engineer.

Artem contributes to open source projects and likes when work and hobby are intersected. Somewhere in between, he plays basketball and enjoys cycling on weekends.

Louise Auger

Senior User Researcher

Open bio

Louise is a user researcher with over 10 years of experience working in research and development environments, the UK government, and on consumer products and digital services. She moved from rural Devon to Cambridge many years ago, but still thinks of Cambridge as a big city.

She is passionate about understanding what customers need, helping them succeed and finding creative ways that technology can improve people’s lives.
Outside of work she loves spending time in the garden, rescuing antique samplers and starting too many needlework projects.

Gaurav Bajaj

VP, Business Development

Open bio

Gaurav is an engineering and innovation specialist with over 10 years of experience in operational excellence. He comes from India’s first planned city, Chandigarh. Passionate about helping senior leaders in unlocking operational efficiencies he leads our business engagement and product strategy in logistics.

He is a marathon runner, amateur sketcher and a keen cyclist. With a penchant for pocket squares, he is easily recognisable in our office corridors.

David Beattie

Director of Software Engineering Line

Open bio

David is a SW engineer with over 15 years’ experience delivering complex software systems. Originally from Northern Ireland he has been in England since his university days.

With two young children, three Alpacas and an endless list of DIY jobs, he enjoys trying to keep fit and enduro motorbike racing if he has any spare time.

Matthew Bedder

Machine Learning Engineer Team Lead

Open bio

Matthew is a Machine Learning Engineer with a diverse research background. Having previously worked in both aerospace and medical research, he now focuses on AI for games, and brings to both expertise in both Monte Carlo Tree Search and experience working with the games industry.

Outside of work, Matthew enjoys whisky, jazz, video games, and combinations thereof. Most people who meet him think that he's rather tall, but he prefers to think that everyone else is just a bit short.

Joy Bemrose

Director of People Experience

Open bio

Joy provides professional HR support to SMEs and has a special interest in ensuring people are motivated and have a positive experience at work, enabling them to perform at their best.

She is responsible for ensuring that we have appropriate people policies and plans in place to support our rapid growth. She lives near Cambridge with her partner, daughter and two cats.

She is also a big Zumba fan, and enjoys running, which is good news because food is another passion.

Joel Berkeley

Machine Learning Verification Engineer

Open bio

Joel trained as a mathematical physicist in Oxford and London. Since finishing his PhD, he has pursued software engineering and machine learning, and is very fond of beautifully-crafted software.

He is joining the research teams to ensure the quality of production machine learning code.

Joel is a keen cyclist, a budding bedroom guitarist, an aspirant traveler, and an avid Buddhist - nothing better than a long silent meditation retreat - He wonders if one day we might create an enlightened AI.

Nic Bone

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Nic is a software engineer with a deep mathematics background and a keen interest in human and artificial psychology. Originally from Seattle, he recently landed in Cambridge after a family adventure in Germany. He contributes to platform development at

He strives for optimisation and exactitude in most aspects of life, but enjoys telling tall tales to amuse his children.

He is fond of puzzles and games, salads, and exploring the countryside with his goldendoodle while pretending not to notice his cats covertly trailing them.

Alexis Boukouvalas

Director of ML Engineering Line

Open bio

Alexis has 7 years experience working as a software engineer in the query processor Microsoft SQL Server team and 10 years research experience in statistics.

He has published more than twenty cited peer-reviewed publications in developing novel statistical models and applying them in computational biology, psychology and other domains.

Prior to Cambridge, Alexis has lived in the US and northern England. He loves strong coffee and is a keen cyclist.

Rich Boyce

Senior Operations Engineer

Open bio

Rich has lived in Cambridge for almost 20 years, and has been working as a Linux System Administrator in academia and industry for all that time. More recently his job can be more easily understood by friends and family as 'building clouds'.

He spends too much time on bikes, and bakes a pretty good loaf of bread.

Ryan Brierley

Senior Systems Administrator

Open bio

Ryan is a Systems Administrator, continuing to take care of people's computers after more than a decade so far. Starting out in his home city of Manchester before moving to London in 2015, he now plans to move to Cambridge in the near future.

Elsewhere, Ryan can usually be found walking his small dog or doing something involving Pokémon — or in the case of Pokémon GO, both at the same time!

Gary Brotman

VP, Product and Marketing

Open bio

Gary is a passionate technology maven who leads our Product Management, Product Design and Marketing teams as a unified organisation. He brings 20+ years of experience in building, commercialising, and evangelising product and service lines for leading Fortune 500 and startup companies with machine learning, mobile, and media at their core.

When spare time arises Gary plays golf, spins records, and he’s become a fan of punting on the River Cam.

Peter Bullivant

Chief Financial Officer

Open bio

Peter is a Chartered Accountant who has specialised for more than 20 years in leading the finance operations in technology companies including SaaS for Fintech, EHS and for connected cars. He has helped companies go through transformational development as they scale up to the next level and enter new geographical markets both organically or through acquisitions.
Outside of work his real passion is following Spurs at home and abroad as well as going to gigs by his favourite indie bands.

Carlos Cacador

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Carlos is SW Developer with 10 years of experience with a master’s in mathematics. He started his career developing multi-objective vehicle routing algorithms for transport networks and soon moved to all things related to mapping and geospatial data.

From Lisbon, he moved to Cambridge in 2015 and loves the chilled vibe of the city for raising a young family.

He is a simple man - cheese, wine and salmon nigiri will make him happy. Likes to cook for friends, play basketball, listen to 80’s guitar and lego

Václav Čadek

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Václav holds a Masters in Machine Learning and has a background in Fintech and Computer Vision. After switching from Java to Python several years ago, he really enjoys trying to reach the Zen of Python.

His daily routine starts with a cup of alternatively brewed coffee and if he is not getting his hands dirty with some Pandas data frames, he likes to impress girls with his knowledge of various flora while randomly picking class names from an Iris dataset for almost every flower. Surprisingly, this strategy yields little success.

As a true fan of Jamie Oliver, he works hard to improve his cooking skills almost every day. When the opportunity to join came up, he packed some kitchen equipment together with his V60 and Aeropress and moved from Prague to Cambridge.

Sofia Ceppi

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Sofia has a PhD in Information Technology Engineering and her research career has mainly focused on designing incentives for multi-agent systems.

Originally from Italy, she moved to Southampton as a visiting researcher 5 years ago, and then to Edinburgh and Cambridge. At, she is a Senior Machine Learning Researcher.

She is a licensed Zumba teacher even if she doesn't teach (yet). She loves experimenting with new arts & crafts techniques and always hopes to create something aesthetically pleasing.

Vishal Chatrath

Co-Founder and CEO

Open bio

Vishal is a serial entrepreneur and global manager whose work experience spans fundamental research, manufacturing, operations, R&D, product management, corporate strategy and business development. He has lived in 18 cities in 6 countries ranging from the equator to the arctic.

He is a keen barefoot runner and avid reader with a love for the oddball. He seems to have a special attraction to mud and stormy weather.

Joshua Coales

Software Engineer in Test

Open bio

Joshua is a software engineer in test who has been living in Cambridge for 4 years after adventuring down to Swansea for university. He has a passion for building things and testing things that have carried through his personal and professional projects.

Outside work, his constructive skills carry over into various craft activities, with various projects in his mind involving sewing, woodworking, baking and electronics

David Coultous

Senior Software Engineer in Test

Open bio

David is originally from Hong Kong, and came to England to study Mathematics here in Cambridge, followed by Information Technology in Nottingham.

He has worked as a Software Engineer in Cambridge since then, and joins as a Software Engineer in Test.

In his spare time, David enjoys flying his paraglider when he can, and plotting trips abroad to jump off mountains

Will Cowley

Senior Data Scientist

Open bio

Will is a senior data scientist in Prowler's Supply Chain Management team. Prior to joining Prowler he obtained his PhD in computational galaxy formation at Durham University and went on to hold a research position in the Netherlands.

In his spare time Will enjoys playing double bass and supports Middlesbrough Football Club (though this is often more out of home-town loyalty than enjoyment).

Harald Dahle

Customer Project Manager

Open bio

Harald has worked in product development for over 20 years. He was born in Norway, and has lived in Mexico as well as in the UK.

Here at, he works in the product team, responsible for the delivery of customer value.

He enjoys sailing, and rugby; as a player when younger, but now coaching and refereeing. He practices guitar in his free time and used to perform in a ukulele band, where he played a Bolivian charango.

Ian Davies

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Ian has a background in multi-agent reinforcement learning, Economics and statistical modelling and states his purpose as understanding and improving decision making. He has past experience as a software engineer and a quantitative analyst. He joined following his research masters focussing on meta-learning and multi-agent reinforcement learning at UCL.

Outside of work Ian is a keen gymnast having once been part of the British national squad. He also enjoys running and collecting records, two hobbies which have proven difficult to combine

Nicolas Durrande

Director of Research

Open bio

Nicolas was Associate Professor at Mines St-Étienne (France) in the department of applied mathematics before joining He specialises in Gaussian process models and kernel methods and joined the company to bring his expertise on the topic. One of his numerous passions is moving house between France and the UK. He is also a keen long-distance runner. He hasn't tried combining these two hobbies yet.

Vincent Dutordoir

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Vincent graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from Ghent University, where he specialised in software development and machine learning.

He is originally from Belgium but moved to Cambridge to work for He is currently a Machine Learning Researcher in the probabilistic modelling team. He spends his leisure time performing kitchen alchemy for friends.

On Saturday mornings, a friendly football game or a flex in the gym are necessary to keep his blood flowing.

Stefanos Eleftheriadis

Applied Scientist

Open bio

Stefanos grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece and has a PhD in Computing from Imperial College London.

He is on the prowl for model-based reinforcement learning with Gaussian processes.

Stefanos is a keen team sport fan and photography enthusiast. Beware of him, he is a true with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Neil Ferguson

Principal Architect

Open bio

Neil is a software engineer and architect with over 15 years' experience, having spent the last 10 years building large-scale machine learning systems for various startups.

He recently moved to Cambridge after living in London for many years. At he is responsible for designing and developing our software platform.

Outside of work Neil loves skiing and rock climbing, and spending time with his family whilst pretending to be characters from children's books.

Magda Figuerola

Senior UX Designer

Open bio

Magda's industry background and multiple studies has given her a strong background in the techniques, tools and trends in modern user-focused product design. Now, she crafts our signature user experiences for next generation AI-amplified decision making. UX and Design is Magda’s true passion but, in her free time, she also enjoys photography and travelling around the world.

Jan Girman

Senior Product Manager

Open bio

Originally from Slovakia, Jan grew up in Pretoria (South Africa) and moved to the Cambridge area some 13 years ago for what has turned out to be a rather extensive “gap year”.
During this “gap year”, he pursued studies in Materials Science, ultimately specialising in Medical Materials through a PhD from Cambridge. Since finishing his studies, Jan has worked in software implementation and product management.
When not spending time outdoors or playing games with his 2 children, another curious byproduct of his “gap year”, Jan is making a poor attempt of training for a half-marathon that he and his wife are running later this year.

Uri Granta

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Uri is a software engineer with over 10 years development experience, prior to that he was a researcher at Imperial College.

More recently he spent 6 months being a full time dad, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Outside spending time with his family, Uri enjoys answering questions on Quora, posting data visualisations on reddit, and playing the piano.

Steve Guest

Head of Supply Chain Management Engineering

Open bio

Steve is a SW engineer with over 15 years of experience in both games and more serious software. He has been living in Cambridge for most of his life and is now helping to build our core platform.

He is a keen dancer and regularly teaches Salsa classes as part of a team. In the summer months you may also find him on a cricket pitch.

Steve is frequently outsmarted by his cat who enjoys disassembling his kitchen on a regular basis.

Eric Hambro

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Eric is a machine learning engineer with experience consulting on various ML projects. In a past life, he was a financial software engineer, working on large-scale derivatives pricers in C/C+ and Python.

He holds a BA and MSci in Physics from the University of Cambridge, and an MSc in Machine Learning from UCL. He credits the courses taken at the Gatsby Institute with helping him "see the light" of GPs and Bayesian methods.

In his spare time, Eric likes to play around with NLP models. He is also a keen reader, particularly of American novelists.

Alexandra Hayes

Senior Technical Writer

Open bio

Alexandra spent several years in various roles in electronic publishing and user experience design before switching to technical writing, and is a certified member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

Outside of work, she spends her time playing the violin, singing, trying to resist buying more books, and expounding to anyone who will listen on the genius of Bach and Miles Davis, and the inadequacies of Ipswich Town's defensive lineup.

Herry Herry

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Herry is a software engineer/researcher with over 12 years of experience in system design and development. He is originally from Indonesia and came to UK in 2010 with his wife.

He is responsible for designing and developing software infrastructure for Machine Learning experiments and products.

He plays football, table tennis, badminton and chess. He dreams of training a machine to write code so that he has more free time. Recently he rediscovered his childhood passion of cooking either European or Asian foods

Sue Hill

Personal Assistant to Vishal Chatrath

Open bio

Sue has been a PA to a number of Senior Executives in the telecoms industry supporting start-ups, floats, mergers and buy-outs over the last 20 years.

She loves chocolate, interior design, digging about for antiques and unreliable classic cars owning a few and even holding a heritage race car licence. She no longer has the licence but still has the attitude!

Her guilty pleasure is Thin Lizzy and she once spent 3 days practising her curtsy before meeting Prince Phillip.

Freya Hitchcock-McCarthy

People Operations Advisor

Open bio

Freya moved to Cambridge around 6 months before starting at Before this she spent a few months in France (mainly for the cheese and wine) but has spent most of her life in and around London.

She has a keen interest in psychology and enjoys reading books on motivation and self-improvement. She is definitely not a morning person but likes to spend her evenings at CrossFit.

Michel Hollands

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Michel is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience. He worked for telecoms billing, video streaming and speech transcription companies. Over the course of his career he has lived on 4 continents and worked in 5. He is the co-organiser of the Cambridge Gophers.

In his free time he likes to visit museums, read and watch films

Ellie Jackson

Office Manager

Open bio

Ellie is our Office Manager. Originally a property manager she's now a professional mother with a knack for event organising and food ordering.

She lives in the centre of Cambridge, loves French wine, met Usain Bolt and supports Hull so she possesses a truly cosmopolitan nature as well as a lot of patience.

Ellie tries to maintain her Australian accent by practising regularly and was once mistaken for Dame Edna. She is an avid collector of tat, cats and shoes and is best avoided during The Ashes.

Annie Jacobs

Financial Accountant

Open bio

Annie is qualified to a Masters Level in English Literature and also has an Accountancy qualification. She has worked in both Administration and Finance over the years. She has over 11 years experience in the Finance Department of the Royal Society of Chemistry, BirdLife International and EXCELL Business Systems Ltd collectively. She is starting work at Prowler as Financial Accountant to provide support and assistance to the Finance Department.

Outside of work Annie enjoys music and has recently started learning the piano. She enjoys keeping fit by running and exercising three times a week. She enjoys being with friends; finds cooking therapeutic and reading all types of books- a good way to unwind!

Sarah Jarvis

Head of Data Science Line

Open bio

Sarah is both an engineer and a researcher, with experience in bioengineering and health economics. Growing up between the UK and Australia, she completed her PhD in Germany. As a data scientist, she bridges the research, software engineering and product teams to identify how best to build application software.

Sarah enjoys printmaking and wing chun, and once broke a 3000 year old bowl. She promises to take better care of data.

Ti John

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Ti moved from Berlin to Cambridge and did a PhD in computational physics, combining Gaussian process-based machine-learning techniques with the coarse-graining of molecular simulations, and is now working on making probabilistic models work for even larger-scale coarse-graining to humans and beyond...

Ti enjoys cooking and food (mostly of the vegetarian variety), relaxing in the sunshine, and exploring the outdoors: hiking, sailing, swimming, climbing on trees, hanging upside down in the air and whatever other adventures may present themselves!

Patrick Jordan

Software Engineering Team Lead

Open bio

Patrick studied computer games programming at university with the intention of becoming a developer but then discovered a career in testing software. This has been his home for the past 10 years and will continue to be until he retires.

He has worked on a range of technologies and domains, with the most recent being supply chain management and optimisation software for the oil & gas industry.

In his free time, he thoroughly enjoys gaming, heavy metal music, horror films and preparing himself to become a father in the near future.

Mahmood Kalantar

VP of Customer Success

Open bio

Mahmood joined Prowler from Samsung, where he productised and brought to market an array of apps, services and data analytics platforms. He has been working on various software platforms go-to-market for better part of his career, here, Mahmood is responsible for commercialisation and IP portfolio and to support the development and sales teams in their success.

Mahmood has been living in Singapore since 2006, originally planned for two years, but he enjoyed beach hopping and sailing in the warm waters of Asia Pacific so much that he couldn’t leave.

Dongho Kim

Co-Founder and CTO

Open bio

Dongho’s research interests are various fields of machine learning and in particular decision making under uncertainty via reinforcement learning. He is originally from South Korea and a former postdoctoral researcher at Cambridge University Engineering Department.

He is co-founder and CTO at

He used to play the keyboard and write songs in a rock band. He has also been practising guitar with games like Rocksmith.

Kee Eung Kim


Open bio

Kee-Eung is an associate professor at the School of Computer Science, KAIST, Korea.

His research interest is in machine learning approaches to decision making and he is an advisory board member to

He loves music and is currently trying to learn to play electric guitar given that he is a really bad singer.

Hojung Kim

Head of User Research

Open bio

Hojung is a design researcher specialising in human centred design. He is from South Korea, completed a PhD in Design Research at Brunel University London and a former Lead Service Designer at a healthcare service start-up in South Korea.

He is responsible for understanding our customers and users to provide them with quality user experience with our products.

These days he has been enjoying seeing his adorable little son grow up.

Peter Krauthausen

AI Investment Strategist

Open bio

Before joining Prowler, Peter worked more than 5 years as IT, business and quant auditor in a leading Swiss bank. Prior to this he completed a doctorate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, where he did research on machine learning for humanoid robotics.
Given his multidisciplinary background, Peter will operate across the strategy production of the finance factory and perform research as part of the finance team.
He enjoys spending his time away from work playing with his son or improving his cooking skills. Separately, he loves to travel.

James Leedham

Senior Technical Author

Open bio

James has been writing documentation for software companies for 25 years, as well as performing ad hoc QA, UX, design, marketing and other services as required.

In his spare time, he runs a taxi service for his two pre-teen daughters, performs manual labour in the garden at the direction of his wife, and attempts to get better at DIY. Of a Thursday evening he runs an Arbury-based football team to which new recruits are always welcome!

He’ll advocate for the Oxford comma if you're unlucky enough to be stuck in the same lift, and has been known to split an infinitive if he's sure no one is looking.

Felix Leibfried

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Felix is a Machine Learning Researcher with an educational background in artificial intelligence and neuroscience. He is from Germany and moved to the UK just recently after completing his PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tuebingen, Germany.

At, he works on algorithms for efficient autonomous decision-making in environments approaching real-world complexity.

He is a big sci-fi and comics fan with a tendency to arachnophobia.

Andrew Liubinas

Data Scientist

Open bio

Andrew works within the Data Science team and holds a Master's in Artificial Intelligence. An Australian, he has worked in Melbourne, Perth and London as a financial analyst covering Mining and O&G sectors.

In his spare time, he enjoys boxing and surfing (separately). He also loves hiking and once accidentally climbed Mt Fuji with a bottle of Saké instead of drinking water.

Matthew Lowdon

Senior Product Manager

Open bio

Apart from a few years as a student in leafy North Oxford, Matthew has lived in Cambridge his whole life.

Before joining Prowler, he had over five years' experience as a quantitative analyst and senior product management analyst at a financial technology company, where he worked on the development of a high-performance simulation engine for investment banking risk management.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys history, walking and conversations over coffee.

Kate Matthews

Head of Corporate Communications

Open bio

Kate is a communications expert who has spent many years working in large and start-up comms agencies for major global tech brands and start-up businesses.
She is experienced in brand strategy, PR, content creation, crisis management, copywriting and event management.

Otherwise, she spends her time having fun with her young family, listening to and playing music and attempting embroidery!

John McLeod

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

John is a software engineer in test with 8 years experience writing software in academia and industry. He grew up just outside Cambridge, and after some years away living amongst hills is pleased to be back on flat ground again. He is responsible for improving the efficiency and quality of the software development process.

He is a keen church bell ringer. He can often be found in picturesque villages causing a tremendously traditional racket

Marlon Metzger

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Marlon is a Machine Learning Engineer who moved from Munich to Cambridge to join Originally from a Physics background, he soon had to admit that programming and tackling real-world engineering problems are more fun.

Marlon has applied machine learning and other algorithms to diverse industries such as healthcare, automotive, insurance and media.

When Marlon decided to move to the UK amidst Brexit negotiations, his biggest concern was about the availability of high quality Burritos in Cambridge.

Edd Miles

Senior Systems Engineer

Open bio

Edd is a Systems Engineer with over seven years experience in running complex IT systems for software companies. He graduated with a Bioinformatics degree from the University of Birmingham in 2010 and promptly moved to Cambridge. He hasn’t managed to escape since.

In his spare time, Edd likes to travel round the UK and Europe playing in (and helping to run) collectible card game tournaments. When he’s not gaming, he can normally be found running up and down the Busway, in training for his next half marathon.

Peter Moffatt

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Peter is a software engineer with over 6 years experience in software development. He moved to Cambridge in 2011 after completing an MEng in Computer Science from Warwick University. He is responsible for developing the software platform.
He plays table tennis competitively and also enjoys bouldering and woodworking. At home he likes to cook, watch TV and and dabble in electronics.

Chris Morter

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Chris grew up in Cambridge, and has remained here since, aside from a few years studying Maths at Oxford.

His background is mainly in .NET, most recently working on production optimisation software.

In his spare time, he is usually pursuing some means of moving quickly. Normally that means either training to shave a few hundredths off his 100m time, or by thinking of ways to tune up his electric bike.

Lynn Munday

Financial Consultant

Open bio

Lynn is a Chartered Accountant who works with technology start ups and SMEs in the Cambridge area. She has lived and worked in Cambridgeshire for over 20 years. She is the Finance Manager and is responsible for the finance department.

Lynn is a keen gardener and grows a large variety of fruit and vegetables each year.

Jesper Nielsen

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Jesper has a Ph.D in Bioinformatics and six years of industry experience as a Software Engineer. Originally from Denmark, he has also lived in the U.S.A. and Germany and is currently located in England. Jesper works as a Senior Software Engineer at

Jesper's hobbies change often, but currently he enjoys outdoor activities and swing dancing. After having lived in four different countries he is getting tired of relocating.

Zoë O'Connell

Senior Operations Engineer

Open bio

Zoe has worked in Devops, Systems and Network administration for over 20 years. She has lived in Cambridge for over 10 years, where she is also a councillor on Cambridge City Council.

She works in the Operations team, looking after's systems and infrastructure.

In what little spare time is not taken up herding teenage offspring, she can often be found sailing and kayaking followed by drinking real ale in the bar.

Kate Okoro

Finance Assistant

Open bio

Kate is a Finance Assistant and has lived in Ely, Cambridge for 13 and a half years. She has worked in various organisations and has worked in Finance for over 11 years.

Kate loves reading motivational books and watching Crime dramas, she is also a huge Marvel fan. Kate enjoys walking, is a fan of Olympics sports, and is looking forward to the 2020 Olympics.

Michael Pedersen

Head of Finance Engineering

Open bio

Michael is a software engineer from Denmark with a background ranging from research in theoretical computer science (formal languages, modelling & simulation) to commercial software development.

He obtained his PhD from Edinburgh University and then held a postdoctoral fellowship at Cambridge University.

In 2013 he took the leap into industry and has since been involved in several successful startups. In his spare time he runs around after his toddler, plays the piano, and dreams about places with waves.

Gaby Perry

Finance Manager

Open bio

Gaby is a financial accountant with over 15 years experience across general practice, international charities and business. She is originally from Peru and has been based in Cambridgeshire for over 20 years. Gaby is responsible for the development and management of the Finance function.

She is a keen dinghy sailor with a passion for the open sea and good food. She should also try to find more time to play her cello

James Pettinger

Software Engineering Team Lead

Open bio

James moved to Cambridge 17 years ago, after graduating with a Master’s degree in Autonomous Systems from Exeter University, to work for a company specialising in handwriting recognition. Around 12 years ago he joined a start-up building software that allowed large companies to collect, analyse and report on sustainability and supply chain data. That gave him the opportunity to “wear many hats” - leading client projects, management and building processes – but he has always been a developer at heart.

Outside of work he has two small boys who keep him very busy and sometimes let him sleep. He’s an avid comedy and science fiction fan and assures people he’s an excellent cook, as long as you like paprika, chili and lime.

Victor Picheny

Senior Applied Scientist

Open bio

Before joining, Victor was a research fellow at the French institute for agronomical research (INRA).

He specialises on computer experiments and Bayesian optimisation. Outside of work, Victor enjoys playing jazz (on his piano or bass guitar) and home-brewing.

His secret ambition is to come up with the ultimate Gaussian-process based recipe for a robust chocolate Porter-style beer.

Carl Edward Rasmussen

Chief Scientist & Chairman

Open bio

Carl is professor of machine learning in Cambridge.

He believes that probability theory is the foundations of information, modelling, inference, learning and rational decision making. He is chairman at Prowler.

Carl occasionally leaves Cambridge to run up mountains, as he has already conquered all the peaks of Cambridgeshire.

Simon Reilly

Senior Release Planner

Open bio

Simon is our Senior Release Manager with 20 years experience in the software industry on a variety of systems ranging from client / server based schools management software to high availability, 24/7 payment processing platforms.

After an early career in pyrotechnics, he decided that the excitement and adrenaline rush that playing with high explosives provided didn’t quite outweigh the frequent opportunities to be blown up and moved into software testing instead.

When not attempting to get fit, he enjoys a misspent hour or two on the Xbox, is partial to the occasional pie, and despite living with his wife and son on the family farm in the wilds of north Bedfordshire he still can’t drive a tractor.

James Robson

Senior Test Operations Engineer

Open bio

James is a Test Operations engineer with 8 years experience working on CI/CD pipelines and attempting to bring sanity to large legacy systems.

He is originally from Berkshire. Here at, he is responsible for improving the test and deployment systems.

Outside of work he enjoys reading, cycling, climbing and games.

Sami Salomaa

VP, Business Development and Planning

Open bio

Sami is an applied mathematics engineer with more than twenty years experience building innovative and complex business models at the crossroads of finance and technology. Originally from Finland, Sami has spent much of his life as an expat around the world. He heads our initiatives in the financial sector.

In his spare time, he prefers to build solid things that solve simpler problems, like huge natural light sky panels to help his family cope with winters in the far north.

Elvijs Sarkans

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Elvijs is a mathematically inclined Software Engineer with particular interest in all things machine learning and big data.

When he's not debating linear algebra and Hardy spaces, you can find him playing floorball. Whenever his musical preferences are Under Pressure, he reminds himself that 80s Totally Eclipsed all other music.

Alan Saul

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Alan is a Yorkshire-bred senior machine learning researcher at and forms part of the probabilistic modelling team. He has a PhD from the University of Sheffield and a background in working with Gaussian processes. He believes maintaining a measure of uncertainty is crucial for success in many real-life prediction tasks.

Outside of work he can often be found - attempting to - drag his way up rock-faces around the world. Some of his other innumerable hobbies include electronics, woodworking and running.

Jane Saunders

Software Engineering Team Lead

Open bio

Jane is a software developer with over five years experience. Having studied at Cambridge she has failed to move away, partly because of all the great people in the town. She is working on the platform team, taking all the clever ideas of the researchers and turning them into something useful for others, i.e a product.

She enjoys playing board games and roleplaying as a way to hang out with mates without actually having to talk to them.

Tom Seeley

Head of Operations

Open bio

Tom has been managing computer systems for nearly 20 years, at various times focusing on infrastructure, networking, security and devops. He has spent most of his life living in or around Cambridge. He is responsible for the leading the Operations team.

When not keeping his children entertained, he enjoys working on an unnecessarily complex home network with a spot of computer gaming thrown in for good measure.

Juha Seppa

EVP Product Delivery and Operations

Open bio

Juha is a SW engineer with over 20 years of experience in product development. He is originally from Finland and moved to the UK with his family in 1999.

He is responsible for heading up our product delivery and engineering activities.

He is a keen classic rock fan and loves going to concerts with his wife. He seems to have a large collection of band t-shirts, and a somewhat questionable sense of style.

Aleem Shah

Senior Operations Engineer

Open bio

With a background Engineering, Aleem grew up mostly in and around Cambridge with recent work centred on web development, systems administration and infrastructure development.

When not studying or looking after his adoring cat, he enjoys outdoor activities; in particular daily runs at insane hours of the morning to help keep him balanced. He does, however, actively avoid gardening and DIY at every opportunity.

Fergus Simpson

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Fergus is a machine learning researcher from Scotland, with a background in astrophysics and Bayesian statistics. Since completing his PhD at Trinity College Cambridge, he has held research positions in Edinburgh, Barcelona, and London. At Prowler his research is focused on probabilistic models and information theory.

His spare time is often filled by drinking whisky, thinking about alien life, and playing Rocket League.

Simon Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Simon has been a software engineer for more than 15 years. He specialises in Java but has been known to learn obscure languages over the weekend, such as RPG, to satisfy a customer requirement by Monday morning.

He has three children who take up his spare time with their demands for setting up Minecraft servers and modpacks.

He is a singer and guitarist but is currently between bands due to drummer issues. That doesn't seem to have stopped him buying more guitars.

Paul Snow

Senior Systems Administrator

Open bio

Paul is a Systems Administrator with nearly 20 years' experience. Born in London and grew up in Essex, he was an incurable backpacker before settling down in Hitchin. At he looks after our internal IT systems and desktop support.

He loves weekend trips with his family to (and getting lost in) historic towns and villages around the UK. He can sometimes be found playing a usually frustrating round of golf for its mix of self-torture with rare moments of enjoyment.

Hrvoje Stojic

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Hrvoje is part of our reinforcement learning team. He obtained a PhD in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University, where he was working on understanding human learning and decision-making, relying on probabilistic modelling and reinforcement learning. After that he moved to UCL to study human generalisation and function learning, and probe interactions between learning, choice and attention processes. He also teaches reinforcement learning courses to data science master students at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. In his spare time he used to row, climb mountains and read sci-fi books, while these days he is mostly thinking about picking up some of these things again.

Matthew Strawbridge

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Matthew is an experienced software developer with a particular interest in code craftsmanship.

He lives in Ely with his fiancée and too few cats. He is responsible for helping to turn our cutting-edge research into useful product.

He enjoys playing poker but could probably write a bot that plays better than he does. He could definitely write one that plays better darts!

Robert Sugar

Machine Learning Engineering Team Lead

Open bio

Robert has always worked in areas where research and development overlap. Originally a computer scientist, he has 10+ years of experience and published 10+ research papers in various fields, such as mobile agents, game theory, robotics, sensor networks, and high throughput DNA sequencing.

He holds a PhD in bioinformatics from Cambridge, and has always been fascinated by how living things work.

As a mountain bike rider Robert sometimes misses the time when he lived close to the highest point of the Netherlands. He recently took up scuba diving, which is likely just a beginning of a long journey.

Anthony Tabor

VP, Commercial & General Counsel

Open bio

Anthony has over almost 30 years’ experience gained in legal and commercial roles both in the UK and internationally. Having worked for large companies as well as successful starts ups, he brings an entrepreneurial approach and is passionate about building company value for all stakeholders.

Anthony is responsible for all legal matters as well as helping to structure and negotiate our commercial relationships. He is obsessed by golf as well as being a keen fly fisherman, hill walker and armchair cricket fan (his playing days sadly being behind him).

Sandeep Tailor

Senior Software Engineer

Open bio

Sandeep is a software engineer who's worked on CAD components for the past 10 years. Originally from Luton, he moved to Cambridge to study Engineering and having found his tribe, never really left.
His first forays into AI came when spending more time trying to generate algorithms to beat Championship Manager 97/98 than playing the actual game.

Nowadays he steers way away from computer games for fear of relapsing and instead is slightly obsessed with flossing. The dental practice, rather than the dance, that is.

Fidel Tamayo

VP, Customer Success

Open bio

Fidel is a mechanical engineer with 15 years of experience in management consulting. During this time, he led multiple strategy and supply chain management engagements for the consumer goods and energy industries in America, Asia and Europe.

He is responsible for managing key client accounts and believes that AI can be an effective transformation lever as long as sustainable business value is delivered working hand in hand with clients.

Having trailed Che Guevara’s motorcycle adventures in South America, Fidel is an enthusiastic adventure rider who also enjoys exploring the English long and winding roads with his twin daughters and wife.

David Thomas

Director of Process, Practices and Tools

Open bio

David has worked in software engineering for 20 years. He moved to the Cambridge area in 2002 and now lives just outside with his wife and two children. At, David and his team guide the way software is developed and released.

His nickname at school was Dylan, and (despite his best efforts) it resurfaces now and again.

He likes leisurely lunches, lattes, Lego, London, literature, lyrics, long lists and alliteration.

Egor Tiavlovsky

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Egor has been involved in diverse range of machine learning projects spanning prediction of gene expression, classification of e-commerce product listings and most recently household energy disaggregation using dynamic probabilistic models.

Egor’s family currently lives in Catalonia, yet his claimed national identity is highly mutable depending on the context of conversation.

Whenever Egor cannot be reached by any communication means, look for him reading in cosy but well-lit cafés or walking along the medieval pilgrimage routes.

Laurence Timms

Senior Agile Coach

Open bio

Laurence spent 25 years writing all kinds of interesting software before shifting into development team leadership and then into all things Agile.

Along with the other Agile Coaches at, he will be helping teams get even better at delivering great software quickly.

Laurence likes to set himself big challenges, which usually involve running long distances. His perfect day would start with a parkrun, have a big hill in the middle, and end on the beach eating fish and chips with his wife and kids.

Chris Toby

Senior Agile Coach

Open bio

Chris started out as a software developer before leading and managing teams. He moved to Cambridge from Watford in 2003. At he will be working with teams to help them become more Agile.

Outside of work he is often found either in the kitchen, or in the garden cooking with charcoal not actually gardening. Either that or in one of his preferred beer or coffee outlets.

Erkko Uusitalo

Director, AI for Finance

Open bio

Erkko is a financial markets expert with 20 years experience in trading & fund management. He is from Finland and that is where he mostly works from. He brings practical knowledge to the financial domain.

He claims to remember pi to the 1.000th decimal - he just does not know what to do with that information!

Sattar Vakili

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Open bio

Sattar has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University with a focus on online learning and inference theory. He has worked on time-varying models, risk-averse measures, hierarchical observations, and non-parametric composite hypotheses.

Sattar is an expert in optimal stochastic decision-making which has led him to Prowler.

Born in Iran, he has also lived in different states in the US including California and New York before settling in Cambridge.

His favourite sport is football although he never says no to an offer to play

Sergio Valcarcel Macua

Applied Scientist

Open bio

Sergio is an off-road engineer with 14 years of experience both in academia and industry. He is from Spain, but has also lived in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Lille.

His research is focused on reinforcement learning, nonconvex optimisation and unsupervised learning in distributed multiagent systems.

He loves meditation and yoga and the peaceful feeling they bring. He thinks that sitting in silence for several hours is a terrific plan for a Sunday morning.

Giles Velarde

Front-End Engineering Team Lead

Open bio

Giles is a bioinformatician turned developer whose doctoral work on protein 3D-reconstruction caused him to develop an interest in representing scientific data. He's joined Prowler to lead frontend development.

He is a little obsessive about coffee, possessing an ever-growing collection of gadgets including 1, 3, 6 and 9 cup stove-top mochas, a V60 and most recently a cold-brew maker.

Some say he might be compensating for the lack of lab-work in his life since deciding to work solely with computers.

Hannu Visti

Head of Security

Open bio

Hannu is an IT security specialist with 25 years of experience in information security and many other aspects of IT.

He grew up in Finland and came to the UK in 2008. At, He is responsible for heading up the security function.

He is a keen cyclist, pub quiz genius and a fan of German schlagers. He enjoys travelling, especially Japan, and usually has a trip or two in the pipeline.

Alessandro Vullo

Machine Learning Engineering Team Lead

Open bio

Alessandro has a MSc in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Machine Learning, both of which he has applied to solve problems in molecular biology. He's worked primarily in bioinformatics at the intersection of academia and industry, first roaming around California, then in Dublin, where he discovered how different the taste of the local Guinness is, and finally landing in Cambridge a few years ago.

Alessandro is an open source contributor and an avid reader. In his spare time, he pretends to write some poetry when feeling inspired, tries his best with Yoga and its sister

Ayurveda, and challenges himself in an attempt to bake the ultimate cake for the joy of his family and friends.

James Wall

Head of Brand & Marketing

Open bio

James is an Anglo-Portuguese Brand, Communications and Marketing Director with over 15+ years of experience in the technology, entertainment, sport and music industries. He’s worked with many leading brands within digital, social media and brand marketing, including; RedBull, adidas, Sony, H&M, Nissan/Renault, Samsung, Sky and more.
Past tenures include several years as an entrepreneur, in leading agency and client side roles, and in senior leadership positions in product, marketing, brand, account management and events with global tech companies Adobe, Sprinklr & Beamery.

He’s incredibly passionate about branding & design, technology for good, fashion, sport, film, food and music, and can regularly be found either at his local football pitch, gym or tennis court in London.

Clare Walsh

Senior Machine Learning Verification Engineer

Open bio

Clare is a software engineer with over ten years experience and a passion for quality. She is a director of eQualityTime, a charity using innovative technology solutions to tackle problems of inclusion and equal opportunity.

Here at, Clare is going to be to tackling the problem of how to test probabilistic modelling and ensure it is reliable and production suitable.

The second rule of her main hobby is that she can talk about the soap making. The first rule of all her other hobbies is that there really isn't time for them.

Lawrence Weetman

Senior Product Manager

Open bio

Lawrence is a former Software Engineer turned Product Manager with a particular interest in Agile and Lean software development. He has seven years' experience helping to make online groceries successful for retailers across the world, with a focus on supply chains, picking and last mile delivery. As well as being a dad to three children, Lawrence is both the Town Crier and the chairman of the local Civic Society in the small town where he lives.

Patrick White

Content Manager

Open bio

Patrick has 5 years experience in the realm of marketing and comms, recently making the jump from biotech to the exciting world of AI. Most of his time has been spent developing social media channels and creating content.

He is a keen musician, busy writing and recording in his makeshift home studio. When the creative juices aren't flowing, he loves nothing more than a craft stout and some gaming.

Matthew Whittle

Head of Product

Open bio

Matthew has a PhD in Engineering from Durham University and has worked in product development for over 6 years. He was born in Scotland but grew up near Coventry.

He works in the product team on the platform.

He enjoys learning Portuguese, playing Brazilian chords on the guitar and spending time with his young family. He also likes playing football when he can find the time.

Sam Willis

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Open bio

Sam has joined PROWLER as a machine learning engineer having recently come out of founding his own startup. He holds a MEng in General Engineering, with a specialism towards the interface between machine learning and hardware.

Previously, he has worked as a machine learning engineer, and as a researcher in electrical engineering.

Sam is an avid climber and a lover of Asimov.

James Wilson

Senior Front End Developer

Open bio

James is a software engineer with over 5 years of professional experience. He did a degree in Cognitive Science followed by a PhD in Developmental Robotics. He then moved into web development because he loves making things that he can share with the world.

He is a bit of a programming language geek with an odd sense of humour who spends his time reading about his favourite languages, working on his various side projects, and finding puzzles to solve. Every now and then he’ll come up with something to blog about too.

When he’s not in front of a computer he’ll try to keep fit, attempt to meditate, do a little much needed DIY, or relax in front of the television. He keeps telling himself he’ll get back into the guitar, too. He really means it this time..

Joel Wright

Senior Platform Architect

Open bio

Joel is a SW engineer with over 15 years experience in R&D. Having worked at a variety of companies and universities on topics ranging from programming language theory to data transfer and archiving, he's now on the team responsible for making our research results available on a commercial platform.

He is a ski leader for the Ski Club of Great Britain, so living in the perfect mirror flat surroundings of Cambridgeshire was an obvious choice!

When he's not skiing, he spends time pondering the best pairings of wine & food.

Alex Young

Senior Solutions Architect

Open bio

Alex is a software engineer with a PhD in inertial sensor fusion for human motion capture and experience in system integration for motion tracking applications. Originally from Scotland he spent five years working in the Netherlands before moving to Cambridge in 2017. At he works in the fleet management and logistics team.

In his spare time he enjoys long walks or bike rides through the countryside to work up an appetite. This exercise is really only an excuse to indulge his cat-like desire to eat well and curl up for a nice nap.

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